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Howe big granite group
Howe big granite group
Howe big granite group


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Howe big granite group

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Professional natural granite mining、Processing Wenzhou hao big granite group co., LTD  The price is reasonable Welcome to consultation!    ZhejiangICPTo prepare1020000000054Number   The website construction:Founded in powerWenzhou

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  • High load

    Howe big granite group

    Because of its high density,The stain is hard to invasion。Polished granite slabs after renovation,Granite tiles on the construction of all over the world have been in a very important position。Granite is used in the exterior packaging,The roof,The floor and all kinds of floor decoration use。Threshold、Ambry mesa、The ground outdoor suits to use granite。Among them ambry mesa had better be to use brunet granite。

  • Strong durability

    Howe big granite group

    High hardness and good ductility grinding,Granite is easy to cut,Shape,Can create a big plate plate, etc,All in all,Granite with super durable ability。

  • Elegant appearance

    Howe big granite group

    Granite waste rate is high,Can do all kinds of processing,Plank can spell well。Granite weathering,Could do outdoor decorative stones。The quality of the granite uniform grain,Although color is given priority to with light color,But it also is very rich have red,White,Yellow,Green,Black,Purple,Brown,Beige,Blue, and so on,And the colour is relatively little change,Suitable for widespread use。

Specialized in granite mining......

Howe big granite group

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Howe big group is a professional engaged in granite mining、Processing、Sales、Transportation、Design、The installation、Services for the integration of stone material production and operation enterprises。

Group is located in wenzhou of zhejiang southeast coastal variation of the doors of the island。The four seasons pleasant climate on the island,Mountain green water show,The sea rich Jane。The gate island granite rich mineral resources,Has been proven reserves20More than hundred million cubic meters,And good material,Compact structure,High compressive strength;Product variety,Color is rich,Favored by the majority of users at home and abroad。

Howe big granite group
Howe big granite group
Howe big granite group

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Specialized in granite mining、Processing、Sales、Transportation、Design、The installation、Services for the integration of stone material production and operation enterprises


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Howe big granite group

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Sawing processing——Grinding and polishing——Cutting processing——Chisel cutting processing——Singeing process——Auxiliary processing the inspection and repair
Sawing machine is made of stone sawing granite block sawing into wool board(For general thickness20mmOr10mm),Or strip、Block, etc. The shape of the semi-finished products。Grinding and polishing will be sawn wool board is the purpose of further processing......

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Howe big granite group

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The difference between granite and marble,Don't be silly points not clear!
Howe big granite group
With the improvement of people's living standard,More and more people begin to pay attention to the adornment of the living environment,The marble and granite are often used in decorating materials,Both are advanced veneer material,Usually used for indoor marble,Granite used in outdoor,So what's the difference between both?Marble granite distinguish the difference between a——Stone material composition of different granite belongs to igneous rock,Is usually formed by volcanic material,Such as the magma,While the marble belongs to metamorphic rock,Is under the environment of high temperature and high pressure and minerals mixed by a rock under the action of natural metamorphosed into another stone formation。Granite belongs to hard stone,Its
Granite plate design and technical requirements of detailed sketch
Howe big granite group
Granite slab design generally according to the technical requirements《Machinery industry standard of the People's Republic of China》JB/T7974—2000Design。Also according to the actual needs of the granite plate design and production of technical requirements。In the national standard of granite slab、Enterprise standards and the requirements of granite slab,Can according to the actual demand of granite plate design and production technology request。Design and production of granite plate to be in line with with the lowest cost to make the best product for the principle。Granite plate in the process of production,A part of the theory of the weight of error is produced,But it should be noted that granite plate